The winds of change have torn through our lives, with an unstoppable ferocity. Your life, like my life, may have lost its rhythm — or at least the “familiar” rhythm. For many of you, the unknown — this wide-open space with few answers and many questions — is not only scary but also unfathomable. Yet for some of you, this new world may provide a welcome change.

There is a different scenario for each and every one of you. How are you coping? What sorts of challenges have you uncovered in the day-to-day management of this “new normal?”

You likely perceive an array of emotions, on any given day. I certainly do. I have even experienced a few days of questioning my place on this planet!! That’s what something like this global pandemic does. It forces us to look at ourselves more closely, to look inward. But what does “going in” and looking deep inside mean? How on earth do you do that?

I’d like to offer you three unique methods to check in with yourself and have a closer look at your inner landscape. Understanding and connecting with yourself in a deeper fashion is going to help you cope with all that is happening around you.

  1. Learn your body’s whispers
  2. Learn how to interpret your body’s communication
  3. Learn how to “action” your body’s message

1. Learn your body’s whispers.

Feel the energy of your body and its sensations by doing a body scan first thing every morning, before you get out of bed. Check in from head to toe, feel for any tightness or tension, sense for any aches or pains, and scan every part of your body, slowly and with love.  Smile at your body and let it know you are listening.  Thank your body for the whispers it is sharing with you.  Ask “body, what do I need to pay attention to today?  Body, what do you need?” And then listen for the whispers that come.  Really listen.  And here is the most important part, do not second guess the answer!   If you see a glass of water with lemon while you are “listening in” or if you sense your body needing movement, then trust that.  Your body speaks to you all day long, but you have been used to ignoring or second-guessing your own knowing.  Instead of doubting, practice this connection with your body so that you can learn to truly receive the whisper.

2. Learn how to interpret your body’s communication.

Some of the messages your body whispers to you will be clear, like needing a glass of water because you are thirsty. Or, if you listened in and hear “water with lemon,” in goes that squeeze of lemon; your body will thank you! But what if you don’t understand what your body is communicating? You might see images, words, or phrases or you just have a knowing that doesn’t seem to make sense. You now have an opportunity to go deeper and ask for more information. Settle into your breathing, extend your breaths, using 3-5 long inhales and exhales, to help you to tune in. Let your heart take the lead and ask for the truth and for what is in your highest good, tuning into the message that was unclear.

For example, you feel an ache in your stomach that you have never felt before. Now ask your body, “What is behind this ache in my stomach?” Your heart will help you discern the answer. You will be tempted to go into your thinking brain and try to analyze, second-guess, and doubt yourself. Avoid those traps. Just stay in your heart space and breathe in the answer. You will hear what you need to hear. Trust your own knowing.

3. Learn how to “action” your body’s message(s).

Now what? You did the scan, you got some information, and you trust the answer. So what do you do next?  You take action. Once you have heard the body’s whispers and understand the message, it is time to create a response that provides your body what it needs. It’s what you need, and didn’t know before you listened in.  Ask your higher self to take the lead and guide you to the action steps that are going to help you right now.  Here are a few things you can try:

1. Write a list of whatever comes into your mind and then pick one or two things on the list that you are drawn to, that address the body’s message.

2. Just sit with yourself in silence and let the action steps come into your knowing.

3. Go about your day as per normal and see what comes into your awareness — and then do that!

4. As you go through your regular schedule, follow any tugs or pushes that you sense.

5. If you get your answers through meditation, then go meditate!

Tuning into your body’s communication, learning to interpret it and repeating the action steps, will strengthen your understanding of your own needs. Once you get into the habit of this practice you will begin to connect more deeply to your knowing and inner wisdom. You will also establish a meaningful foundation for helping you cope with all that is happening in this unprecedented time.

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