I have shared my views on the messiness of transformation. The awakening and awareness process that peels back the layers and the veils of your soul to help you begin to see yourself and the world around you in a different light. 

As you examine your shift in perspective, you’ll remain somewhat uncomfortable as truths are revealed about how you have been living your life. The things you have been ignoring or carrying come to the surface. The belief systems within which you have been conditioned and the roles and identities you have clung to or felt tied to are no longer relevant in your life.

That’s when the second part of transformation kicks in and you get uncomfortable; really uncomfortable. You might experience physical signs and symptoms of awakening like nausea, headaches, disrupted sleep, change in appetite and foods you like/dislike, dizziness, irritability, anger, frustration, emotional instability, body aches and fatigue.

Does any of that sound familiar to you?

Resistance is part of the process. Your body has lived with a familiar energy and there is a reaction to the purge of the old.

I went through all of that and more! What is important to know about that aspect of the discomfort you are experiencing is that you are literally changing at a cellular level. You are altering the energy around everything in your life and you are releasing that which no longer serves you. When you release it and make way for a higher level of truth to come in and begin to expand your awareness, your cells are able to push out the old, toxic energy.

You might begin to experience feelings of lightness.

You might also find that your body goes into resistance.

Resistance is part of the process. Your body has lived with a familiar energy and there is a reaction to the purge of the old. Sometimes this part of the transformation process is confusing. You want to release the things that your body has been holding onto. Your body is communicating to you all of the areas where the energy is stuck, but it is also reacting from a place of survival — and it kicks into defense mode. That’s when you need to breathe deeply, pause and reassure your body that everything is going to be okay.  You can even ask your body  what is behind the resistance. Asking often helps to release the energy and make way for further healing.

You now have a very clear picture of how messy transformation can be. Is it any wonder that people don’t want to do the work?

Transformation is intense.

It takes time, and…it doesn’t end! It is natural for you to want a happy ending and one that does not involve upheaval. It is normal for you to desire closure. But let me paint a picture of what you might be seeking through this transformation process that makes all of this worthwhile.

Transformation means you are shifting out of the old and into the new. You are bringing in new light codes, new connections and rewiring your brain and DNA activations. You are developing a new relationship with yourself and the people you love. You are changing the way you relate to the world around you, and possibly your job and your community. And likely, you are realizing that there is a source beyond you, full of love, compassion, kindness, joy, and peace.

As you get glimpses of all of the newness, it inspires creativity and empowerment to be more yourself. As you let go of old beliefs, stale identities, and deep-rooted behaviour patterns, you feel a sense of freedom and confidence in your body and in your spirit that you have been missing. You can breathe more deeply and easily.

You get the sense that there is even more waiting for you.

It is scary, it is the unknown — but I know you will be able to see what I see. And that is an expanded, enlightened world in which you are fully able to participate in all of your authenticity and beauty.

In this unprecedented time of consciousness expansion, you will feel compelled to take action — both in your personal life and in the broader community.  Follow your heart.  Ask the universe/divine/creator consciousness for guidance. Allow your heart to lead and you will get a sense of how you need to show up for yourself and humanity.

As a transformation coach, I am here to help you navigate the messiness and find clarity and purpose. I can offer support by showing you the ways I managed my journey of consciousness expansion and the myriad awakenings of my transformation that have propelled me forward. I can help you discover the tools that work best for your own journey of awakening. Most importantly, with each step you take toward change by expanding your consciousness through meaningful action, you will also be healing others.