I am certain you have heard this before.  “We have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.”  What does that mean, exactly?

This phase of transformation is not pretty. I can tell you that when I woke up to the part I was playing as a mother, (“The Rock”), I realized how much of a burden I was placing on myself, to always be there, be strong and emotionally carry the problems of my children (even when they didn’t ask me to). I also felt a sense of financial responsibility for them. I made choices, felt emotions, and created my “character” in concert with my vision of “Supermom.” 

Then I became a grandparent. Of course, I just knew I had to be a “Super Grandparent” too!  I had to make sacrifices to make sure everyone else was okay. I did not see the representation of what I was creating. So my body had to tell me — in a loud and resounding way — that I was carrying too much. Seemingly out of nowhere, my back developed three herniated discs, with accompanying unbearable nerve pain.

Talk about being uncomfortable. 

The acute pain lasted for weeks. I was flying to a conference to do a speaking engagement and then on to a spiritual retreat just as this happened. I will not take you through the dreadful details of my pain, but I will tell you that during the retreat, I had an awakening. I came to realize what I was doing to myself and others as I attached to this supermom/super grandparent role and identity. My cells literally went through a transformation, my spiritual guides changed and I felt utterly disembodied. 

Upon my return home, I was numb. This state lasted for the next few weeks, and, suffice it to say, I ultimately stabilized and integrated but not without making other people uncomfortable. I struggled constantly to articulate to others what was occurring which made it difficult for those around me.

Eventually, I found a way. 

Most importantly, I found clarity. I had a knowing that everything that was happening had a purpose, and that I (and others around me) would be okay. I also know that I will go through more experiences like this as I grow and uncover new levels and layers of awareness. The same will be true for you.

As you move through your own journey of raised consciousness and expansion, I encourage you to stay the course; stay with the discomfort. Even if you don’t know where you will land at the end of the upheaval, do the work. Go inward, feel your way through, meditate, journal, talk to others, gather a support group around you of like-spirited people, read books and articles, and listen to podcasts.

You too, will find clarity.

However, you cannot move through the stages of awakening and transformation without support. Sometimes, it will help to speak to someone who has been through it, in order to help you find the words to express your experience, and ultimately, integrate it.

Transformation is messy, it is uncomfortable, and in most cases it tips you off-kilter, shakes you up, and creates a vast unknown space you are forced to navigate.  

You will begin the process of dismantling all that you have been conditioned to believe. You won’t be the same person on the inside — and that will be reflected in your outward actions.  Never be afraid of that change. Your light will be brighter, your energy will be more vibrant, and your soul will feel freer. 

And you will find clarity.