I have been contemplating transformation as it applies to my own life as a transformation coach, and as a human being.  I’d like to delve deeper into this topic, starting with the experiences of awakening and raising consciousness.

I believe transformation begins when you awaken to something that has always been a part of you, only to find that it no longer serves you. Suddenly, countless thoughts, feelings, emotions, experiences, and beliefs come into focus. You may wonder why you had never been aware of this newfound knowledge and why you didn’t see this “transformed version” of you and the world before. You feel exposed and raw, vulnerable and afraid. You might even feel shame and loss as you realize that the things you believed about yourself, your community, and the world around you no longer make sense — and you feel duped.

Questions you may ask yourself might be:

“Why did I believe this for so long?”

“Why didn’t I realize this before?”

“How could I not recognize these aspects of myself?”

Let’s imagine that you grew up learning the words to a particular, beloved song. You sang those words loud and proud for 20 years. Then one day, you discovered that the words to the song you so loved were incorrect — and you’ve been singing the wrong lyrics to that melody for most of your whole life. Somehow, when you were listening to the song once more, you heard the correct words for the first time, the authentic words. Though they always existed, you are now shocked into an awareness of the song’s true meaning.

That is an awakening.

Scale that up to more profound and impactful areas of your life such as recognizing that you no longer have to play a role or identity that you have always felt obligated to uphold, such as “the helpful one” or “the peacemaker.” Ultimately, you come to understand, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you no longer have to be that person. And the reverberation in your body and your heart sets off a veritable explosion.

That is an awakening. 

Once this occurs, your thoughts and feelings begin to expand into new ways of thinking and feeling. You are raising your consciousness to include thoughts, feelings, and beliefs you have never considered before.  And…it’s blowing your mind! But it is also becoming uncomfortable. These new beliefs are putting you — front and centre-in conflict with your upbringing, your family members, your friends, societal norms, social systems, and your ego.

The discomfort is real. It does not always feel good — and life becomes messy! Welcome to transformation.

Here’s the thing: You cannot transform without feeling exceptional discomfort. Some of you might get to this point and say;

“No more.”

“I do not wish to move any further along this path.”

“This is too hard.”

Listen to your inner voice. Tune in and take a pause, re-set and allow for integration. No one said you had to plow through this transformation journey at the speed of light. Others may feel an urgency to keep moving forward. There is no right or wrong; this is your personal journey.

But consider this: there is no closure to transformation. If you stop here, I know you will get even more uncomfortable. Your heart will not allow you stop. Because action goes hand-in-hand with transformation.  And you are being called to act, to move onward and to listen in to whatever divine guidance you know to be true for you, in your heart.

My transformation came about by seeing my beliefs about myself as a participant in humanity, my spirituality, my gifts, intuition, fears and vulnerabilities in a whole new light. I relentlessly pursued every opportunity I could to understand my relationship to old patterns and stale beliefs about my purpose in this world, and realized I had to turn it all on its head and embrace a whole new way of living and being.

And it was messy!!

I have discovered that once I know something, I can’t “un-know” it. Once consciousness is raised, you either step into that new space or you retreat and shut down. In this unprecedented time, you need to embrace and integrate this new awareness, more than ever. I am right here with you doing the same.

With love, light, and compassion,



Photo Credit: LeslieCline.com