My experience with Judy is one that is difficult to put into words. I’ve worked with other providers in the past and have never experienced the three things Judy produced: positive outcomes, concrete results and an unwavering dedication to finding solutions. Concrete results with true objective outcomes have been consistent in my Journey with Judy. My son was diagnosed with a hernia at the age of 2 requiring surgery. There was no possible other option for his condition. Judy worked on my son through distant healing. Within a day his hernia was no longer visible. I remember thinking this must be impossible and it would return. When it didn’t and we cancelled surgery, the surgeon was in disbelief. I was diagnosed with fibroids. Judy worked on me both distant and in person. On a repeat ultrasound, they were gone.  Judy has also been assisting me through an awaking of self and navigating the associated struggles as I travel through the various challenges associated with finding my higher purpose. She has disconnected and removed barriers I have faced along my journey. I have achieved a significant change in my business success through her services which has allowed me to reach a greater level of individuals. Judy possess the skills, knowledge and educational background that I have never come across in another provider. Her personality is warm, comforting and she is pleasure to speak with. I would highly recommend Judy to anyone open to the possibilities that come through her services.

Sheila Don
Innovative Occupational Therapy Services 

I just wanted to say that Judy has made a huge difference in my life. I really believe you were able to help me quit smoking by getting rid of so much of the sadness/stress and anxiety that was weighing me down. Her energy work has made me feel so much lighter and like a sense of freedom and wellbeing I have never really experienced. It is hard to put in to words but I am feeling less afraid to tackle new things and am finding myself excited for the future. Like I finally got rid of the crap that was keeping me stuck!

I am forever grateful to you Judy!! Many thanks for your guidance and support.

Lynn C.

“Judy is what I always imagined magic would be. She has awakened me to the universe of love that exists for us all and my own personal power in this world. I am grateful beyond measure to her for helping me see, feel and experience love like I never have before.”


Judy helped me let go of a job that was sucking the life out of me and she knew exactly what was holding me back from leaving.  She is very intuitive and has a knack for interpreting the exact energy blocks holding you stuck.  There were lots of Aha moments and made so much sense.  I felt a whole lot lighter after the session!  I was so happy to have had her guidance and leave a position that no longer served me and move toward a newer horizon!

Louise Breton, RHN

I always felt much better after talking with Judy. She was always positive in her approach, and she was genuinely interested in helping me….. I always felt that Judy was doing this work because of her passion and love of this work.

Peter W.

I have just started with Judy in an effort to reclaim my health and improve my quality of living. She is a wonderfully sensitive and intelligent practitioner and I look forward to great success with her guidance.


“Transformation is the word that comes to mind since working with Judy. She has given me tools and exercises that are simple, relevant, and life-changing. She has helped me delve into my most authentic self.”

Marilyn K.

Judy came into my life for a reason. When I first met Judy, I struggled immensely with people pleasing, perfectionism, as well as anxiety of which stemmed from previous traumas as well as my family history of poor stress management and eating problems/disorders. I was desperate for clarity, direction, compassion, and a pathway to the deeper meaning that I so longed for in my life. Judy fostered a safe, empathetic space for me to feel heard and enabled me to release from my body what I had build up and suppressed for so many years. Being able to sit in my truth and express to her things I’d never thought I’d be caught speaking, while also learning the ways in which to help move what was trapped out of me, shifted so much within me; I began to heal. With her non-judgmental, yet effective means of attuning one to their higher purpose, sense of self, inner strengths, and gifts, I leave Judy’s sessions feeling empowered, capable, and with a clear vision of what my next steps are to take in order to continue to deepen my connection to myself. Judy is not only deeply intuitive, but her presence and approach is healing. She not only hears you, but within her listening she connects into the multiple messages that is beyond the words spoken. Through her teachings, I feel I have now gained a tool box to draw upon and apply in my daily life which has impacted multiple areas of my life including my relationships, my decision making, my self confidence and even my professional work. Judy’s work is hard to sum in few words as it’s multifaceted. Although she works in the realm of energy work, she translates this into real practical, effective, solutions and strategies. I no longer consider myself a people pleaser and have gained so much time, space and energy as a result. It has been truly transformative working with Judy and I highly recommend her and her very important work and teachings!

C.M – 2018