Speaking Queries

I have so much to share. My educational background, career experiences, personal life experiences, and transformational journey, combined with my ability to captivate an audience bring a unique composite to those needing an inspirational speaker, workshop leader or retreat speaker.

I have spoken at corporate health and wellness events, developed and led self-development workshops, taught at the Canadian School for Natural Nutrition, and spoken at local and provincial conferences (specifically on brain health and nutrition).

Inspirational and Transformational Topics:

  • The Body and Trauma: Moving into awareness and healing
  • Stress: You can’t drink from an empty cup
  • Becoming a Self-Care Warrior

Health topics:

  • Stress and the Immune System
  • Brain Health
  • Nutritional Strategies for Healing

You can send your inquiries to info@judithcline.com

Please include what type of speaking engagement you are requesting.

Judy Cline made a presentation at a company retreat that we held for Service Coordinators at Bartimaeus Inc.  The presentation was on taking care of yourself so you are better able to care for others.  Bartimaeus Inc. has been providing care and treatment for people with extreme behavioral challenges since 1988 and the work requires much resilience, focus and self -are by practitioners and Service Coordinators.  Judy’s presentation, provided to very experienced professionals, was extremely well received by everyone in attendance.  We were delighted at the response and hope to engage Ms. Cline on a regular basis going forward.  

Bill Carty CEO
Bartimaeus Inc.

I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation on Stress Busting Foods.  While I am familiar with elements of healthy eating, it was very informative to learn about new ways that foods can affect our bodies and minds.  Judy was very energetic and knowledgeable! 


My take away from the Stress Busting Foods presentation was the effect of sugar on our bodies. I am fan of everything sugary. Now I know that sugar tells our brain to be happy and satisfied; no wonder I keep going back for more, it’s an addiction. It made me realize that I need to pay more attention to ingredient lists on food packaging to ensure that the food I’m eating is “real” and not a bunch of chemicals to make my food taste better and a be an appetizing colour


I found the Stress Busting Foods presentation very informative and useful for my clients and in my personal life. I had no idea how some foods react with the body and cause psychological and physiological stress and discomfort. As a result of the workshop, I have changed my eating habits and not only lost weight but feel physically better just by making simple modifications to my diet that were outlined in the presentation.