Speaking Enquiries

Why choose me to run a workshop or speak at your event?

My educational background, career experiences, personal life experiences, and transformational journey, would contribute a unique and enlightening aspect to your program that will educate and entertain your audience.

Once we discuss your event, I can specifically tailor a distinctive unique presentation to your needs. Whether it is a workshop, retreat or keynote speech we will work together to create an inspiring program.  

Here are some of the presentations I have designed for both large and small audiences:

5 Steps to “Soulful” Self-Care

Mind/Body/Spirit Connection

Learning to Meditate

Stress and the Immune System

Nutrition and Mental Health

Foundational Principles of Nutrition for Vitality

Oral Health Care: Using Essential Oils

Essential Oils for Mental Health and Self-Care

Team Healing Workshops

The Body and Trauma: Moving into Awareness and Healing

“You were absolutely amazing, super professional, and sweet. We feel privileged to have worked with you and will definitely be in touch for future opportunities.”

Alicia Jenelle

Lead Event Manager, Toronto, ON | Worldwide