Services from Transformational Holistic Life Coach Judy Cline

One to One Support

Through one on one sessions, we co-create an opportunity to identify the areas in your life holding you back. I facilitate an exploration of your perceptions of your current situation and help you to identify the tools you need to shift whatever blocks are in your way. Several packages are available.

15 minute free discovery call

This call is offered to help you determine which service offering or package will serve you best. It gives you an opportunity to hear how I work and what we would work on together.

Email me at to book a discovery call with me! I am excited to connect with you! 

Initial Consultation

The first session is comprised of 3 main components

1) Exploration of current needs/challenges
2) Discover of what you are wanting to create in your life
3) Energy clearing and DNA activation to begin to clear the path forward

Body Whispers Package

To know and understand the messages your body sends to you means you need to take the time to listen to your body’s whispers and its inherent cellular wisdom. As your guide, I will assist you to tune into your body’s needs, understand how your body is speaking to you about your physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual needs. Throughout 3 sessions, time will be spent on energetic detoxification; aligning your chakras; clearing residual ancestral, religious, and cultural timelines; and clearing energetic pathways and old patterns that no longer serve you. Support will be offered in between sessions, as necessary.

While tuning in as an energy intuitive and an intuitive healer, I will also make recommendations about essential oils and healing crystals and stones that will support the healing/clearing process.

Advanced Body Whispers Package –  “Thriving versus Surviving”

If you find yourself yearning for change, yearning to connect to and embody your life’s purpose, yet feel like you are missing some pieces that will help get your there, then this package may be for you. Once you have moved through clearing of old ancestral, religious, and cultural patterns and belief systems (as in the basic Body Whispers Package), the next step is to connect in even more deeply with your own knowing.

I will help you develop an understanding of where you have been functioning in survival mode (a default operating system) and what it takes to get you to thriving. When you are just surviving, you feel you have limits in love, opportunity, choices, relationships, and business/careers. Moving away from that old operating system takes work and a shift in perspective to see how much is available to you. And let me tell you, what is available is better than you could even imagine! The universe is offering infinite opportunity, infinite choice, infinite abundance…..

Thriving is a dance with the universe, where there is an awareness of all that the universe has to offer you and you can just ask! You are a divine child of this universe. You have been created to create even more, to embrace freedom, joy, love, compassion and kindness. Working with you in this advanced way allows us to explore how you can move beyond fear, anxiety, judgment, and catastrophizing into that ease, flow, and grace of thriving with an infinite universe.

This package includes:

  • Six sessions
  • Inspirational and supportive emails on a bi-weekly basis
  • Two “I need it now” 30-minute support sessions
  • Individualized Essential oil and healing crystal/stone gift

Remote follow-up session

Sometimes we need energetic support in between sessions when something comes up that feels stuck. In your request for this type of session, outline your particular need and I will work on that issue (could be a physical or emotional issue that just won’t release). I will follow up with you via email to let you know what I have worked on and how I saw it release for you.

30 minute Follow up session – Telephone or Zoom

This is a shorter session a “touchstone”, intended to support the progress you are making in releasing and letting go of blocks and to help keep you on track and moving forward. This session can be booked in between longer sessions as an extra support.

60 minute Individual session – Telephone or Zoom

Sometimes you need to focus on a specific issue that requires shifting, freeing you from old patterns and belief systems that are holding you back from moving towards what you desire. In co-creating these sessions with you, the emphasis is on what you need right now and how I can help you get there. I use energetic modalities, intuition, and connection with your spirit team and my spirit team. Together we will move what is no longer serving you! I draw an oracle card for you prior to the session which I share with you and/or I am led to connect with a particular healing crystal or stone and I share how it can help you in your process of healing/releasing. All sessions are followed by a personal check in from me.

Individualized Light Language Transmission

Light language is a multidimensional language. It is understood by all on a soul level. It takes many forms depending on who is channeling it, but light language can be considered to be a dynamic frequency of encodings of sound and light. Each person has their own vibrational needs in any given moment. Light language initiates clearing, balancing, DNA activation and alignment with a renewed vibration of wellbeing based on your needs. It is a powerful healing tool.

The language of light speaks directly to your DNA, activating and recoding your personal vibrational signature. Your higher self knows exactly how to bring in the light language and activate it within your body where you need it. It is not translated through a word-for-word transmission, rather it is a deeply-layered alchemical transmission of information.

When you request a light language audio transmission, you may want to identify one or two areas of need. I then channel the light language with you as the focus. You will receive an audio recording within 48 hours of your request.

Nature’s Whispers Oracle Card Readings

These beautifully created oracle cards bring messages of inspiration and wonder. They help us to connect to the beauty in nature and our connection to her and her healing powers. Sometimes we have specific questions that can be answered through the power of the oracle.

Choose a 3 card reading to address 1, 2 or 3 questions that are open-ended (i.e. Do not ask yes or no questions). You will receive a recorded reading and pictures of the cards drawn within 48 hours emailed to you.

Healing Crystal and Stones Reading

Crystals and Stones carry with them earth energy which can be grounding and neutralizing for your body and your environment. Crystals and Stones can also carry higher frequency energies that assist with physical, emotional, psychological, energetic, or spiritual healing/clearing.

This service offering focuses on your request for help, i.e. in the area of body, mind, spirit, in conjunction with an intuitive body and energy scan completed by me. Healing crystals and stones will be utilized to help with some of the energetic clearing required and insights about which healing stones and crystals would be most beneficial for you to have in your home and/or work environment to support you and ground you as well as provide healing energies.

Sound Healing Meditations – Audio downloads coming soon!

Guided Healing Meditations – Audio downloads coming soon!

Support Agreement

One to One sessions are done by Zoom Audio or Video. All compensation is paid prior to the first session and is non-refundable and non-transferable.  If you are interested in working with Judy, please email her at

 Nothing Judy Cline shares intended to be, nor should be construed as professional advice in the area of medicine, psychology, psychiatry. Individuals with possible or diagnosed medical, psychological or psychiatric condition are advised to consult licensed professionals.