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15-minute free consultation with Judy

This call is offered to help you determine which service offering or package will serve you best. It gives you an opportunity to hear how I work and what we would work on together.

Email me at to book a discovery call with me! I am excited to connect with you!

Single Session

The emphasis of these individual sessions is on what you need right now, where you feel stuck or blocked, and how I can help you release the energetics of these blocks.

Through my intuition and spirit-led guidance, I tune into your energy and focus on the “cause” of the issues. This way, you can quickly feel some release and relief as the energy flows more freely in your body.  As you let go of that which does not serve you, you are then able to focus more clearly on the hope, joy, love, and freedom you want to bring into your life.

Here is what people are saying about these sessions:


When I first met Judy, I struggled immensely with people pleasing, perfectionism, as well as anxiety….I was desperate for clarity, direction, compassion, and a pathway to the deeper meaning that I so longed for in my life…..Judy is not only deeply intuitive, but her presence and approach is healing…. Judy’s work is hard to sum in few words as it’s multifaceted.

Although she works in the realm of energy work, she translates this into real practical, effective, solutions and strategies…..It has been truly transformative working with Judy and I highly recommend her and her very important work and teachings

— C.H., Social Worker, Ontario, Canada

Body Whispers Package

Your body holds the energy of stress, trauma, and old belief systems. In this package, you will learn how your body whispers to you every day and how you can release and let go of what does not serve you.  You will learn to shift out these old patterns, bringing in new energies to strengthen and nourish your inner knowing and cellular wisdom.

This package includes:

  • Newsletter
  • 3 sessions
  • 2 oracle card readings
  • Free Audio: Heart-centered meditation – 3 breaths to calm body and mind



“Thank you, Judy for helping me to get back on track.  When you are open the teachers will appear!  Working with Judy has been wonderful. I have been dealing with some health issues that unearthed trapped energy. Judy has helped me to re connect with my higher self and let go of “the stories” that weren’t serving me.

I worked with Judy in the Body Whispers Package. All the sessions were very beneficial as they kept me on track.  Every week I received an oracle card reading from Judy.  The readings always provided insight and helped to guide me on the path.

Thank you Judy for your guidance, listening ability and support during our sessions. I am eternally grateful.”

— Lorna D, Clinical Nutritionist – FDN, Toronto, ON, Canada

Thriving versus Surviving Package


Surviving is living in a state of fear. You see limits in love, opportunity, choices, relationships, finances, and career. You feel stuck, restricted, like you cannot take a deep breath. You may even feel as though you could break apart.

I will help you develop an understanding of where you have been functioning in survival mode (a default operating system) and what it takes to get you to thriving. I will help you identify what is keeping you stuck and then determine how to release and remove the root causes—ultimately allowing you to rediscover your true nature.


Thriving is living daily as your most authentic self. Thriving embodies the freedom to express your true voice and the ability to step into your power and purpose so that you can create a life filled with all that you desire. If you long to thrive with clarity and confidence then this is the package for you!

This package includes:

  • 5 sessions
  • Newsletter
  • Inspirational Oracle Card Readings
  • 2 clearing and activation meditations
  • Energetic Tools and Resources
  • Email support as needed in between sessions


“Transformation is the word that comes to mind since working with Judy. She has given me tools and exercises that are simple, relevant, and life-changing. She has helped me delve into my most authentic self.”

— Marilyn K., New York, USA

Individualized Light Language Transmission

Light language is a multidimensional language. It is understood by all, on a soul level. It takes many forms depending on who is channelling it, but light language can be considered a dynamic frequency of encodings of sound and light. Each person has their own vibrational needs at any given moment. Light language initiates clearing, balancing, DNA activation and alignment with a renewed vibration of wellbeing based on your needs.

It is a powerful healing tool.

The language of light speaks directly to your DNA, activating and recoding your personal vibrational signature. Your higher self knows exactly how to bring in the light language and activate it within your body where you need it. It is not translated through a word-for-word transmission, rather it is a deep-layered alchemical transmission of information.

When you request a light language audio transmission, you may want to identify one or two areas of need. I focus on those areas as I channel the light language for you.  You will receive an audio recording within 48 hours of your request.


“Judy is what I always imagined magic would be. She has awakened me to the universe of love that exists for us all and my own personal power in this world. I am grateful beyond measure to her for helping me see, feel and experience love like I never have before.”

— S., Toronto, ON, Canada

Oracle Card Readings

Oracle card readings are a wonderful way to be inspired and uplifted. You can choose one of 3 beautifully illustrated oracle card decks and select up to 2 open-ended questions to ask for your reading.  Instructions will be sent to you via email once the package is purchased.

You will receive pictures of the cards that were drawn and a downloadable audio recording of your reading up to 48 hours after I receive your question(s).



“Judy’s reading exceeded my expectations. I felt seen and supported in a way I did not expect. I was very emotional listening to her soothing voice as she delivered a very intuitive and insightful initial read on my body/mind/spirit. The cards she drew and representative stones coordinated beautifully with the steps I need to take for healing and growth in my life and work. So grateful for her guidance and compassion.”

— Anne L., USA