If you landed on this page then you are on a mission. You might be on a soul mission like me, or you might be on a journey to find your purpose or simply to make some much-needed change(s) in your life. Regardless, you are looking for inspiration to propel you forward, to help you become the person you want to be. And along the way, you have learned that you have blocks or hesitations….something….. keeping you from creating what you desire.

I believe I can help you move those blocks so that you can feel inspired to create your passion; your mission; your purpose; and then you can step fully into who you are to live your life with fierce determination.

How do I know I can help you? Because I re-invented myself!!

I got stuck. I had to learn what was standing in the way of feeling at peace with myself and I had to learn what was in my heart and I how I wanted to share that in my work. I started a soul journey and I began to learn new ways of looking at myself, my belief systems, my perceptions of the world and my place in it. I went back to school (actually 2 schools), took more courses and then workshops. I took a deep dive into myself to strip away what no longer served me and to integrate a new understanding of myself.

Now, through various modalities I have learned coupled with my life experiences, I co-create with individuals, like you, to discover those blocks and to help you remove what is in your way. I offer you tools that will inspire you to face your fears and doubts and slay them…. so you begin to free yourself to live as you have envisioned.

It does take work to shift what is anchoring you to old patterns of behaviour and belief systems that no longer serve you. But I can tell you it is worth it! I am now living from my heart and giving from my heart each day to individuals seeking change, restoration and vitality in their lives.

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