Individualized Light Language Transmission

Light language is a multidimensional language. It is understood by all, on a soul level. It takes many forms depending on who is channelling it, but light language can be considered a dynamic frequency of encodings of sound and light. Each person has their own vibrational needs at any given moment. Light language initiates clearing, balancing, DNA activation and alignment with a renewed vibration of wellbeing based on your needs.

It is a powerful healing tool.

The language of light speaks directly to your DNA, activating and recoding your personal vibrational signature. Your higher self knows exactly how to bring in the light language and activate it within your body where you need it. It is not translated through a word-for-word transmission, rather it is a deep-layered alchemical transmission of information.

When you request a light language audio transmission, you may want to identify one or two areas of need. I focus on those areas as I channel the light language for you.  You will receive an audio recording within 48 hours of your request.

Channeled Light Language Transmission, May 2020

by Judy Cline


“Judy is what I always imagined magic would be. She has awakened me to the universe of love that exists for us all and my own personal power in this world. I am grateful beyond measure to her for helping me see, feel and experience love like I never have before.”

— S., Toronto, ON, Canada