I never thought of myself as white. I saw myself as colour-blind — but I have learned that is another way of ignoring racism.

I never saw my whiteness.

I did not understand racism…

I saw myself as a healer, an intuitive, and a transformation coach. I saw my purpose here on earth at this time to empower people to be wholly, authentically themselves. My role was to help people understand their own cellular wisdom and intuition. I knew I needed to support them in their recognition of the power they have within to heal themselves.

I did not see that as I chose to help people heal, one soul at a time — and thus the planet — I was missing the massive trauma of systemic racism against black people, indigenous individuals and other people of colour.  And I did not understand how I was contributing to racism.

In my current journey of transformation, I am being awakened to my inaction, my blindness, and my oversight of the massive healing that needs to take place by wiping out the system of racism that governs and oppresses the lives of black people, people of colour and indigenous peoples.

I am learning.

I am educating myself.

I am listening,

I am watching.

And I can no longer remain silent. I cannot be hesitant. I cannot be passive.

I have always been the type of person who cannot “unlearn” what I learn. I can’t sweep it under the carpet. And I am also the type of person who understands that once I awaken to a newfound understanding of something, once I raise my own consciousness and awareness, once I get really uncomfortable, then I have to put forth action into what I have learned. I am not doing this to make myself feel better, I am doing this because I have been called to heal. I cannot remain ignorant to racism, white supremacy and the breadth and depth of healing that is needed on this planet.

I am following some powerful, beautiful, courageous, and unapologetic black women, who are writers, teachers, and activists. Each one of these incredible women is relentless in their education and activism.  Each one lays bare her heart as she grieves for the loss of life at the hands of white people and the trauma of centuries of oppression.

As a white person, I am heeding the command and the call to action to abolish racism — by first dismantling the white supremacist inside of me.

Photo Credit: Judy Cline