One of the most important tools you have been given to carry you through your life’s journey is your body.


Your body exists for you, first, just for you. It houses your essence; your soul; your spirit. The body you are in may change as you embrace who you are and how you want to live your experience here on this planet. Or, you may not be able to change a thing about your beautiful body and you will experience people refusing to look past what is on the outside.

In spite of what you experience in your outer world, know this; your body will speak to you, relentlessly. It is meant to and it will send you information in countless ways.  A sensation you cannot quite describe, a whisper, a momentary pain or ache, a sense of knowing, tension…. all of these are messages to you from your body.

Your body will speak to you, relentlessly.

Countless times, I have heard from people who state that they do not know why they are experiencing an illness or a period of sickness, pains, or aches.  Upon closer examination, each person begins to weave together signs they received, but ignored.  They realize there were so many opportunities to pause and listen to their inner guidance/tuition before their issues manifested on the physical plane.

You and I resist these messages for all sorts of reasons.  There is no right or wrong to whether you block the whispers or tune in to what you are sensing, but there are consequences.  Sometimes, you resist for so long and so unconsciously, you don’t realize the connection between the health issue and the information your body was trying to share. 

My personal journey included a diagnosis of cancer.  Unconsciously, I blocked a childhood trauma for so long, my body had to manifest something serious to gain my attention. I wrote this piece to express some of my own experience as I learned from my wise and powerful body.  I hope it resonates with you at some level.


My body speaks to me all day long
She whispers
And when I don’t listen, she shouts

My body knows what I deny
She grips me
Demanding me to look harder

My body feels all that has happened to me
She houses all my experiences
She is relentless with knowledge

My body tells me to look where I have not looked before
She tells me to face what I am afraid of.
She is tender, but wary I will ignore her again

I fight my body
I want to reject what she knows
She is powerful, though, and will provoke me

I wrestle with my body
Pushing away

My body waits
She waits for me to break
So that I will heal.

You and your body are a wondrous creation.

Your body holds a treasure trove of love for you.  There are gifts in every cell. Each cell holds magical codes and light, giving you the gift of life.  These cells dance and vibrate, with joy and love for you, each moment of every day.  It is so easy to miss these love notes.  Take time to pause, be silent, be in gratitude;  you and your body are a wondrous creation.