I am an Intuitive Healer and Energy Intuitive, Holistic Nutritionist, Teacher and Leader.

I was not completely aware of my path until I experienced some personal, life-changing experiences that aided me in stepping into my most authentic self — all of which happened after the age of 45!! Here is a little of my transformational story….

Between the years 1992 and 2002, I was deeply immersed in working with children and adults with complex developmental, social, behavioural, and mental health needs. I worked front line, then I managed group homes and many staff, and finally I ran an organization as their Executive Director. The combination of front line work, clinical work, and strategic work became the unique composite of skills and insights that have built my foundation.

In 2002 an opportunity came to work with survivors of brain injuries in partnership with a very special company. I worked in the capacity of a service director and then Senior Vice-President with this company. I worked with this company until 2016.

But, around 2012, I started to feel pulled to create something different in my life and an opportunity arrived to produce a radio show on health matters. One of the first guests was a holistic nutritionist. I learned about health in a way I had never encountered before, did some research and registered myself in a holistic nutrition program (2012-2014). I taught for a year and a half at the same nutrition program where I had initially studied, and loved it! I opened a small nutrition practice that year.

2013 – Education, being a passion, called to me part way through my nutrition program and I applied and got accepted to a Masters program in Communications Management (public relations). I took the first year of one program while I managed the graduating year of another –all while running a full-time business partnership.

Also in 2013, I began to explore energy work as a means to support the crazy schedule I had created in my life. I opened the door to a whole new level of experiences that can only be described as my “awakening.”

2016 – As a result of my awakening process and being in tune with my guidance, and with the help from some wonderful teachers along the way, I stepped away from my business partnership of 14 years, a home I had lived in for 17 years, a relationship I had been in for almost 6 years, and began to focus full-time on my nutrition/energy practice. I became much more in tune with my guidance, which in turn helped me shape and create my passion of supporting others on their life journey.

2018 – The launch of my website! I fully embraced the transformation in my life by offering what I had learned and experienced to aid those on their journey of transformation, and needed a co-creator to guide them along the way.

2020 – During the last two years, I participated in some soul-changing retreats where I was able to release many patterns and belief systems that were blocking me from creating — and thriving — as my most authentic self. I was guided to learn more about the healing power of crystals and stones, the benefits of essential oils, and this knowledge led to further develop my intuition by offering oracle card readings. 2019 was a year of health challenges for my family. Both my children had medical issues that required intervention and I was diagnosed with melanoma.  I had to learn to let go and know that we are all here on our own personal journey.

I was able to release past trauma from the medical system as I went through my surgery and recovery from melanoma. One of the most profound experiences that occurred in my life was time spent in the Adirondack Mountains in communion with Mother Earth. I was shaken to my very core, and released wounds that healed in a way that I can only explain as a re-birth.

I have ultimately been able to see the beauty in all of what I went through, and learned. My connection to spirit deepened and my healing gifts were amplified, enabling me to serve my amazing clients with even more insight, compassion, and love.

Nothing Judy Cline shares is intended to be, nor should be construed as professional advice in the area of medicine, psychology, and/or psychiatry. Individuals with possible or diagnosed medical, psychological or psychiatric condition(s) are advised to consult licensed professionals.

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