Judith Cline

Transformation Guide and Energy Intuitive

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Do you feel you have lost part of yourself?

Do you feel stuck and powerless, overwhelmed by your roles and responsibilities?


Let me be your guide back to your power and purpose.  I will help you rediscover, reconnect, and remember your authentic self.

Judith acts as your guide to transformation and self-healing through:

  • Exploring old thought patterns and belief systems that no longer serve you
  • Learning how your physical body and energetic body are connected and communicate with you
  • Increasing awareness of and relationship with your intuition
  • Discovering a whole new level of self-love
  • Learning how to express your personal power by being your authentic self
  • Deepening your connection to source/divine love

try it!

♥ heart-centred meditation: three breaths to calm the body and mind ♥

“I had a gripping feeling around my heart that sat there for about six or eight months. Judy helped in one session relieve that tightness around my heart… and it continued to dissipate over the next week or so and it has been gone ever since.

I highly recommend that you book a service with Judy — she is really fantastic and brings a big piece of herself into each appointment and helps you learn how to heal yourself.”

— Krista Leavitt, Curl Specialist, Kingston, ON Canada

Working with Judith


“Working with Judy has brought dimension to my life that I have always craved. A much-needed connection between the world we can see and the world we cannot. She supported me through my journey with breast cancer, helping me transcend my pain, contribute to my own healing through visualization, and conquer the fear that came with facing cancer in the time of a global pandemic. Working with Judy is a bit like having a guided tour of yourself and a metaphysical tune-up that will open you to possibilities and capabilities beyond your current awareness.

Judy often finishes her sessions with me by channeling some light language. It makes me feel as if I am sitting at a fire with the elders, being reassured that everything will be ok; that there is a time and space beyond what we experience here on earth that is more connected, more knowing and more expansive than we can imagine. I find it beautiful and grounding, and it brings me an ancient kind of peace.”  

— Rebecca S.

“Judy has the ability to quickly get to the root of the issue. She is intuitive, insightful, encouraging and impactful.  She leads with a kind heart, an open mind and has many tools to help you feel exactly this way you long to feel.

I highly encourage anyone who is just starting the journey towards healing or anyone who has ’tried everything’, like I had to consider working with Judy.  She has deeply and positively impacted my life in more ways that I could have ever dreamed of and I am so grateful.”

— Dr. K., Naturopathic Doctor – Toronto, ON, Canada


I’ve worked with other providers in the past and have never experienced the three things Judy produced: positive outcomes, concrete results and an unwavering dedication to finding solutions…..Judy possess the skills, knowledge and educational background that I have never come across in another provider. Her personality is warm, comforting and she is pleasure to speak with. I would highly recommend Judy to anyone open to the possibilities that come through her services.

— Sheila D., Occupational Therapist, Grimsby, Ontario