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It is with joy, compassion, and love that I support you on this journey…

Do you want to thrive, or just survive? I’m certain that most of you would say thrive. However, the majority of us just survive. So, what’s the difference? As a person who has lived in survival mode, I can tell you that if you are just surviving, you are living in a place of fear and anxiety. Yet, when you are thriving you live with the knowing that there are limitless possibilities.

CLARITY not therapy.

Book a session with Judy today and…

Discover the thoughts and beliefs you have that are getting in the way of your limitless potential.

Learn tools to shift and release these limiting beliefs, thoughts, and patterns.

Explore the action steps required to make permanent changes that will propel you forward toward your purpose and vision.

Create the space to soar into your newly integrated, awakened awareness.

“I had a gripping feeling around my heart that sat there for about six or eight months. Judy helped in one session relieve that tightness around my heart… and it continued to dissipate over the next week or so and it has been gone ever since.

I highly recommend that you book a service with Judy — she is really fantastic and brings a big piece of herself into each appointment and helps you learn how to heal yourself.”

— Krista Leavitt, Curl Specialist, Kingston, ON Canada

Working with Judy


“I had the pleasure of e-meeting Judy Cline, as I decided to experience my first ever card reading. Judy sent some clear instructions via emails, and I chose a crystal deck, as I love stones.

I live on the other side of the world (over 10,000km!) away from Judy, yet, our short communication could not have been easier, despite the time difference.

Within 48 hours, Judy came back with a clear audio recording for me to listen to.

She was so accurate, even feeling a pain I was experiencing in my body. As a first ever reading, I was wowed! The calming energy Judy brings through her voice is reassuring and comforting.

I chose to do this at a start of Covid-19, as my job and the world as we know it was changing so unexpectedly, I needed guidance.

My main question was answered, and a lot more too.

I am grateful to Judy for sharing her gift with me and would definitely recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone in need of clarification, whatever that may mean for you.”

— Nat C. , Career Counsellor, Dubai

“Judy has the ability to quickly get to the root of the issue. She is intuitive, insightful, encouraging and impactful.  She leads with a kind heart, an open mind and has many tools to help you feel exactly this way you long to feel.

I highly encourage anyone who is just starting the journey towards healing or anyone who has ’tried everything’, like I had to consider working with Judy.  She has deeply and positively impacted my life in more ways that I could have ever dreamed of and I am so grateful.”

— Dr. K., Naturopathic Doctor – Toronto, ON, Canada


I’ve worked with other providers in the past and have never experienced the three things Judy produced: positive outcomes, concrete results and an unwavering dedication to finding solutions…..Judy possess the skills, knowledge and educational background that I have never come across in another provider. Her personality is warm, comforting and she is pleasure to speak with. I would highly recommend Judy to anyone open to the possibilities that come through her services.

— Sheila D., Occupational Therapist, Grimsby, Ontario